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Artjunkie New Graffiti Love Hegan Bag

Artjunkie has launched their Limited Edition Graffiti Love Hegan Bag the Graffiti Love design a bag that stands out. "It's obvious that Artjunkie creativity alerts young men to their clothing and bags and that the Artjunkie customer is looking for something that proves who they are.

Artjunkie as always maintain a unqiue ethos making limited edition clothes and accessories , not mass producing like so many in the fashion world, therefore providing it's customers with designs that are unique to Artjunkie.

This Bag in my opinion does that with it's Classic sleek design showcasing their Iconic Love design print it's a bag with a statement.

This bag is for the young men who are not afraid to wear and showcase bold slogans and who want to stand out from the crowd and be notice.

Its a beautiful bag well made and that does not cost the earth the bag retails at £25.00 and cosidering its Limited to just 100 pieces its a great buy.


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