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Artjunkie Stops eBay Sellers from selling Counterfiet Clothing of their Shutter Skull design clothin

Artjunkie has successful stop several eBay sellers from selling counterfeit clothing that bares their iconic Shutter skull designs, eBay at first ignored several NOCI form issued too eBay threw their Vero program. eBay Vero deputy Manager Pam Brady as recently apologised to Artjunkie and blamed certain in experienced eBay staff for failing to remove the listing.

Pam Brady goes on to say that eBay take seriously the removal of counterfiet goods from their site and she has now contacted the appropriate department to have have these staff retarined.

How ever Artjunkie dismisses the claims issued by Pam Brady and states eBay does not do enough to protect the intellectual property rights of companies and designers and turn a blind eye to counterfieting unless eBay and threatened with court action.

Artjunkie also provided several copies of their NOCI form they submitted to eBay and it is clear that eBay failed to remove these items.

Artjunkie has made clear that will take every effort to stop the counterfieting of their designs and brands.

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