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Artjunkie Ltd Victorious over Dame Vivienne Westwood who Copied their Graffiti Love Design

The struggle between Small Independent Fashion Labels who's designs are being copied by some of the larger Fashion Labels has reached a new level with the Independent Fashion clothing Label Artjunkie Ltd suing Vivienne Westwood Ltd the Luxury Fashion retailer over the alleged copying of its Graffiti Love design.

Picture above is Vivienne Westwood

Artjunkie Graffiti Love design is a signature piece the design (Pictured on the Right ).has been a signature design for Artjunkie and has been a Registered Trademark since 2009.

Since Artjunkie Ltd first contacted Vivienne Westwood Ltd also known as Latimo based Luxemburg the company has failed to respond but in September 2016 Artjunkie Ltd issued court proceeding against the Luxury Fashion brand..

On the 15th of December 2016 Vivienne Westwood Ltd issued a email to Artjunkie Ltd stating Vivienne Westwood was no longer the creative director and they apologise for this situation and vowed to refrain from selling the Graffiti Love t-shirt.

Pictured left is Vivienne Westwood Infringing design as you can clearly see its identical to Artjunkie Ltd registered trademark, how ever this is not first time Vivienne Westwood has been taken to court for IPO infringement in the early 1990' The Harris Tweed Authority started legal proceeding against Vivienne Westwood for infringing on there orb and maltase cross design . However Both parties came to an agreement that would allow Vivienne Westwood to use the mark but with certain clauses. attached. as you can see by the images below Vivienne Westwood did basically steal the Harris Tweed Trademark.

We Contacted Vivienne Westwood Ltd at their London Head office but they declined to comment.

There have been other cases where small designers have taken the Larger fashion houses to court for example there was the case . between

1. Chanel vs. Pamela Love – We hold this one near and dear to us, as we were the first to break this story back in 2012. You may recall that as part of Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection, the 100+ year old Paris-based design house showed an array of crystal-adorned bangles that bore a striking resemblance to the crystal block cuffs that New York-based emerging designer, Pamela Love, showed a year prior in her Fall/Winter 2011 collection. While the house issued an apology and vowed to refrain from selling the bracelets at issue, that was strike one for Chanel.

2. Chanel vs. Mati Ventrillon – Fast forward to December 2015 and Chanel came under fire again for copying. This time, Fair Isle, Scotland-based knitwear designer Mati Ventrillon spoke up, claiming that a number of garments from the house’s 2015 Metiers d’Art collection were direct copies of ones that Chanel’s research team purchased from her during the summer of 2015. The garments at issue took the form of women’s and men’s sweaters, and again, Chanel issued a statement. As of now, the house that Karl helms has not offered the wares for sale.

3. Zuhair Murad vs. Prabal Gurung – How about the time Parisian couture house Zuhair Murad copied young New York design darling, Prabal Gurung? Lebanon-born Murad, who is a red carpet favorite amongst Hollywood mega-stars, seemingly replicated a dress from Prabal Gurung's Fall/Winter 2012 collection for his own Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Unlike Chanel, Murad never released a statement or withheld the frock from being stocked in stores. Instead, he dressed Selena Gomez in the copy for the May 2013 Billboard Music Awards and never looked back.

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