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About the Brand

Artjunkie  and Alexander Westwood are two  independent Fashion brand,  Founded in 1994  and 1998 with a vison

of artisan craftsmanship with avant-garde design through careful design and vision. 


Artjunkie hold many other apparel trademarks including

2 skull jeans,

Bad clothing

Scared saints

Divine Clothing

Divine Youth

DY clothing

Graffiti love


Death before dishonor

Skull London

Alexander Westwood


all this brands are infusing new

life into the existing online platform our personal style and unconformity allows our customers

to be individual. For our brands ethos ,  Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them. and Style is a way to say who you are

without having to speak.


Artjunkie and Alexander Westwood believe that fashion allow people to break free from society who feel its ok

to put labels on people just because of their colour, sex, or gender.



We are Unconventional - Freedom from conform.

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