Artjunkie Can reveal Converse winning another Trademark Case over the Chuck Taylor design

ITC Judge Finds for Converse in Massive Trademark Case November 19, 2015 TFLSPECIAL CONTENT A U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) judge sided with Converse Inc. this week in a closely-watched case, in which Converse claims that roughly 30 other footwear-producing brands, including Ralph Lauren, H&M, Zulily, Aldo and Tory Burch, violated its trademark rights in the Chuck Taylor sneaker by selling copycat shoes. In a notice filed yesterday, Administrative Law Judge Charles Bullock held the importation of the lookalike shoes into the U.S. violated U.S. trade laws, as the products infringed three of Converse's registered trademarks in connection with its Chuck Taylor shoe. Judge Bullock

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