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The House of Vivienne Westwood Accused again for Plagiarizing T-shirt.

COPY MACHINE: The house of Vivienne Westwood again have been accused of stealing another fashion brands creations. The Vivienne Westwood fashion house which sadly lost Vivienne Westwood in December 2022 does have a long history of stealing other smaller designers creations is again under pressure. Appropriation may be in vogue, but the house of Vivienne Westwood has possibly again taken it a step too far having based one of their T-shirts in its summer 2024 collection from Artjunkie creation of 2022.

The house of Vivienne Westwood had to apologies in 2018 to young designers, Louise Gray and Rotten dean Bazaar for stealing their design for one their 2018 collections. Again we see the house for Westwood stealing creation and trying to pass them of as their own.

We keep you updated.

No one from Vivienne Westwood could be reached for comment


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