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Artjunkie wins copyright Dispute of their Scribble Skull design

Artjunkie Clothing has settled a dispute with an eBay Business seller over their scribble skull devise. In late 2002 Atjunkie was notified that an eBay seller was

selling large quantises of counterfeit clothing using numerous designs owned and managed by Artjunkie.

Artjunkie contact eBay and ask them to provide the seller contact details in which eBay at the time refused to release until Artjunkie threaten them with court, EBay then disclosed the information of seller.

Artjunkie then contacted the seller and issued them with court papers, The seller Akarsh Singh admitted to selling counterfeit clothing of Artjunkie designs to which Artjunkie took the decision not to prosecute but did ask the Mr Singh to signed a sworn affidavit and to destroy an items he had left in stock and destroy any artwork . Mr Singh was also asked to pay £3000.00 in damages to Artjunkie.

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