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Counterfiet Copies of Artjunkie Merino wool hoodies being sold on internet and eBay,also fake campai

Artjunkie clothing has been notified that fake websites and ad campaigns are being uploaded on the internet and that several sellers on the eBay auction site have been offering for sale counterfeit copies of Artjunkie iconic Merino wool hoody.

  • The Sellers have even tried to copy advertising images to mislead consumer, Artjunkie is warning all customers to be vigilant so not to fall foul of counterfeit Artjunkie products so below we have provided some info to how to spot fake.

  • Firstly Artjunkie products are only sold threw Artjunkie reputable sellers

  • First check the product; all Artjunkie labels have sewn in woven labels.

  • All Merino hoodies are made from 100% Merino wool and, never a poly cotton mix. check the fabric does the material feel like a premium Merino Wool. product also Check The wash label does it state made in the UK .

  • Check to see if there is hologram on wash label with a unique serial number Check how the product is advertised for example Fig 1 is an Authentic Artjunkie Product and Advertisement campaign . Fig 1

Below is Fig 2 This is a counterfeit ad campaign to mislead consumers into thinking they buying Authentic Artjunkie Products please be ware this ad below was not made by Artjunkie Ltd.

  • the image Fig 2 is the counterfeit image showing casing the counterfeit product please be aware we don't use this model in our ad campaigns if you see this ad on any website or in any search engine please report to us threw our contact page or email our intellectual property department on the contact details below.

  • fig 2

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY DEPARTMENT 83 Ducie Street Manchester M1 2JQ or contact

Artjunkie has worked with the Police and other authorities to have these item removed from sale and to have these fake campaign ad / poster and websites taken down from public view

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