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Artjunkie Stops Burtons from selling copies Skull Butterfly T shirt

Artjunkie has stop Burton Retail from selling replica tops which show case their Skull butterfly design.

Head of UK Operations for Burton was served with court papers (N1 claim form) after several Customers of Artjunkie spotted the design in Manchester Store.

Artjunkie to action to remove the item from sale. Burton did remove the items from sale.Once again they were quick to point out that Burton .bought the design from suppliers over in china, but admitted they did not do enough checks with their Chinese suppliers to see if the design was trademarked or copyrighted to which they.

Artjunkie thanked Burton for removing the item from sale.

Artjunkie responded by stating that the fashion industry is very cut throat and for small brands it's hard to compete that big companies Primark, Topman but its unfair when they think they can use designs by smaller brands.

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