March 6, 2018

COPY MACHINE:  Vivienne Westwood who has a long history of stealing smaller designers creations is herself under pressure. Appropriation may be in vogue, but Vivienne Westwood has possibly taken it a step too far having based one of the T-shirts in its fall 2018 collec...

March 25, 2017

Artjunkie would like to thank one of their  customers  for sending in this picture of  jack modelling his Artjunkie Kibble t - shirt.on holiday in Cran  Canaria

January 1, 2017

Its has been long 7 year battle but Tony Knight founder of Artjunkie has finally been victorious in proving he was the Senior Trademark Holder.

In 2009 Tony Knight opposed a trademark application of the name Artjunkie  applied for by Alison Hendricks (TM UK00002512...

January 1, 2017

The struggle between Small Independent Fashion Labels who's designs are being copied by some of the larger Fashion Labels  has reached a new level with the Independent Fashion clothing Label Artjunkie Ltd  suing Vivienne Westwood Ltd the Luxury Fashion retailer  over t...

September 14, 2016

We would like thank Mark Nicolas for his picture of Jack  wearing our Shensou Skull design on holiday in Sitgies Spain  and we think it looks amazing.

June 19, 2016

Artjunkie would like to thank Marcel Peacock Bergamo for sending us a picture of him on holiday in  Benidorm wearing his Artjunkie Barcode Skull t-shirt..

February 21, 2016

ITC Judge Finds for Converse in Massive Trademark Case

November 19, 2015 TFL


A U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”) judge sided with Converse Inc. this week in a closely-watched case, in which Converse claims that roughly 30 other footwear-producing brands, inclu...

November 19, 2015

 The Iconic Artjunkie  Brand logo  on the chest  of  the T-shirt has always been very popular with Artjunkie shoppers, The simple yet effective designs, stands out and a must for any Fashionist. The reboot is for limited time only.

March 26, 2013

The Case

Those of us of a certain age are familiar with the iconic image of a baby antelope leaping with a ribbon around its neck known to thousands of drinkers as the logo of the Babycham sparkling perry drink. It is now the subject of a High Court case. The Companies:...

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