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Artjunkie wins Trademark Case against Peacocks over their Iconic Death Disco Design

Artjunkie clothing has successfully stop clothing retailer Peacocks Retail Ltd from using Artjunkie iconic Death Disco skull design.

Early in 2011 Artjunkie clothing was notified by several of their customers that Peacocks clothing were selling t-shirt that bared the Death Disco design.

Artjunkie managed to purchase one of the t-shirt which it could then be used as evidence against Peacocks. Artjunkie then sent court papers to Peacocks head office and threatened them with legal action.

To the left is the Artjunkie iconic Death Disco tee.

Peacocks Retail Ltd then responded to Artjunkie Clothing

stating that they were withdrawing the said garment from sale from every one of there stores and would be destroying the garments, they blamed

over sea suppliers for the incident and went onto say that Peacocks don't have a in house design team and purchase there products from several over seas suppliers in Bangladesh and China. However Peacocks Retail Limited has taken responsibility for the incident and are now implementing stringent polices to stop this kind of thing happening again... To the right is what Peacock retail were offering for sale and you can clearly see they have stolen Artjunkie design.

Following Peacock response and the fact they admitted they breached Artjunkie intellectual property rights Artjunkie welcome's the decision by Peacocks to remove the infringing product and goes on to say they will protect there copyright designs and said they were thankful to Peacocks in removing the said item.

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