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Artjunkie has been victorious in having counterfeit websites taken down.

Artjunkie has been successful in having numerous counterfeit Artjunkie Websites taken down for infringing our Intellectual property rights. Artjunkie is committed in protecting its customers and potential customers from criminal gangs who intend to try and make money from counterfeit Artjunkie Clothing.

Artjunkie Clothing are concerned that consumers may be duped into buying counterfeit Christmas presents from either fake sites online or through social networking sites. These goods will be substandard and poor quality and may even be dangerousImpressive online "shops", claiming to be UK based are selling products directly to consumers at discounted prices. Often these are run by scammers based in Asia and the counterfeit goods supplied are shoddy and pale imitations of the genuine product.

Here are some tips to protect your from scammers

1- Beware of UK-based individuals selling fakes items face-to-face after advertising their wares through social media. As a consumer, you are entitled to expect that the goods you buy from the internet are of the same quality as those in the shops and are the named brand.

Above is one of the Fake website which has successfully been taken down

2-Artjunkie products can only be bought threw so before you buy your product online: check the website address ends in and not org, Biz etc.

3- .Beware of traders who use a PO Box as an address, the trader could be based anywhere.When you visit a retailer's website enter the address manually - never follow an email link. as these link may take you to a fake website where scammers can retrieve your bank details once entered.Stick to trusted companies.Use a credit card as you have the added protection of making a claim against your credit card company for non-delivery of goods or fraud.Check the website is secure - look for a padlock at the bottom right of the browser window.

4- How to spot fake goods offered for sale, as well as advice shown above, shoppers should be aware of signs that a site may selling counterfeit goods. :look for grammar and spelling errors on the websites. Be suspicious of deeply discounted prices. If it sounds too good to be true...then it probably is

5- .Be wary if asked to send a payment abroad by any money transfer system.Research the website you are considering using - look at online forums for any adverse information. Fraudsters can push a fake web site high up on web search lists. Remember, if you order online from an illegitimate website, it might be very difficult to make returns, especially if there is no publicised address or the website is registered outside Europe.

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