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Artjunkie stops BG Fashion from selling copies of there iconic Angry Bear T shirt

Artjunkie has stop a Bristol based retailer BG Fashion from selling replica tops which show case one of their Iconic design.

BG Fasion UK was served with court papers (N1 claim form) after Artjunkie was notified by a staff member of BG Fashion.

How ever BG Fashion was very quick to point out that they.bought the design from suppliers over in china but admitted once again they did not do enough checks with their chinese suppliers to see if the design was trademarked or copyrighted.

Since being served with court papers BG Fashion have agreed to destroy the remaining stock and have apologized and implemented better working practices to ensure that there suppliers are not infringing other companies designs

Artjunkie thanked BG Fashion for removing the stock and came to a Settlement in regards to compensation.

Artjunkie stated that big companies like BG Fashion think they can steal small designers designs so they can try and claim them as there own and its very hard for a independent designer to take on the mighty companies as they can't afford expensive legal Teams but all I can advise to small designers when you create a design make sure you copyright your design as this will be the key when matters go to court and don't be afraid of this big companies


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