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Divine Clothing Stops internet trader from selling copies of there Divine T shirt

Tony Knight and Founder of the Iconic clothing brand DIVINE has stop a market trader from selling replica tops which show case one of their Iconic Divine design.

The online trader was served with court papers (N1 claim form) after Tony Knight spotted his creation in one store located in Manchester Aflecks Palace whilst out in Manchester.

How ever the sole trader was very quick to apologise and removed the print from her store.

Tony Knight thanked the sole trader for removing the stock and came to a verbal Settlement in relation to infringement

Tony Knight stated that it's very hard at times to keep creative designs being copied and that some times small commpanies make mistakes in using designs. But I feel they should be given the opportunity to be informed rather than punish. The fashion industry is tough but I rather not take legal action against a person who made an honest mstake.


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