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Victory for Artjunkie against Debenhams Retail

Artjunkie retail has once again victorious against Debenhams Retail. The retail company was found to have copied Artjunkie Paint drip Love t-shirt. Artjunkie who are renown for their quirky designs stopped Debenhams retail from infringing their copyright design.s first printed in 2001 by Artjunkie the print is one artjunkie registered trademarks.

Artjunkie designs are often copied but use copyright protection to stop those who feel the need to copy Artjunkie designs, Just recently Artjunkie was successful in stopping high street Topman from using one of their design. and was awarded compensation.

The design once again is a signature trademark of a talented designer who brand Artjunkie is fast becoming an Iconic label.

Debenhams have apologised and blame the issue on their supply chain and have removed the product from sale.

Artjunkie have thanked the retail company for their action and have decided not to take any further action.


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